Handlebar axial 50mm YAMAHA R6 - Racing Frame / Chassis accessories

Handlebar axial 50mm YAMAHA R6
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Handlebar axial 50mm YAMAHA R6 2017/22

Handlebars axial strap 50mm YAMAHA R6 2017/22

In order to improve your riding position it is important to choose the best handlebar for your riding and ideal position on the bike.

The Yamaha R6 axial handlebars are made of lightweight aluminum for minimum weight. The first important function of an axial handlebar is to improve your performance, very easy and quick to install the axial handlebars have a sporty and aggressive design, when you adjust it to your body shape and riding you will be safe. 

You can adjust the height and perform in the most demanding situations. 

You can also adjust the height to suit your riding posture. The YAMAHA R6 motorbike handlebars are easy to install.

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Handlebar axial 50mm YAMAHA R6 2017/22

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