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Decals set helmet for HJC RPHA 1
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Decals set helmet for HJC RPHA 1

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Decals set helmet for HJC RPHA 1

3 possible options

- Basic decoration kit → you can only change the colours of the decoration

- Semi-personal decoration kit → you can change the colours + add your logos (sponsors), name and number

- 100% personalised decoration kit → You can make your own personalisation (design, logos, colours, ideas).

We can integrate your colours, logos, race number and Pilot name, Just supply us with your technical info and vector format logos.

Specifically designed to helmet HJC RPHA 1


If you want to customize your HJC RPHA 1 helmet with efficiency and elegance, you can choose this semi-personal PVC decoration kit from S2 Concept. Differentiate your helmet without breaking the bank by trusting us.

The HJC RPHA 1 helmet decoration kit

This helmet decoration kit allows you to display a logo, a slogan, an image or a particular motif on certain parts of the outside of the helmet. Customers should send our team a vectorised PDF, JPEG or AI file containing the necessary customisation information. We can then develop this kit specifically for the  HJC RPHA 1 helmet configuration. You will need to approve a prototype of the custom kit to be created before the final print is made.

Our PVC kit is easily and permanently installed on the cleaned surface of your helmet. After installation, you must wait a few minutes for the film to adhere completely. S2 Concept offers you a top quality product at a very good price. We also offer the best delivery time for your order.

Why use a decoration kit?

Our kit is the ideal accessory to adapt the design of your helmet to your tastes and desires. You will enjoy an atypical helmet whose authentic visual line will seduce many. To increase its visibility, a brand can offer to some of its customers customized HJC RPHA 1 with our semi-personal decoration kits.

Our decoration kit for HJC RPHA 1 helmets made of PVC is durable. For a long time, the patterns printed on the kit keep the same visual aspect, because it is a premium material that is used. Trust our expertise to give your motorcycle helmets a new and unique look.

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