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CATALYST AKRAPOVIC ZZR1400 ZX14R 2012-2015 FJR1300 2006-2012

CATALYST AKRAPOVIC ZZR1400 ZX14R 2012-2015 FJR1300 2006-2012

Akrapovič uses performance-oriented catalytic converters that give you all the sound and performance enhancements you're used to with Akrapovič exhaust systems.
The catalytic converter is a honeycomb metal structure that incorporates precious metals (palladium, rhodium and platinum) into its surface. These metals convert toxic carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases into non-toxic carbon dioxide and water vapour.

The catalytic converter kit P-KAT-035 contains 2 pieces of P-KAT-033.

Product compatible with the following motorbikes


ZZR1400 2012
ZZR1400 2013
ZZR1400 2014
ZZR1400 2015
ZX14R 2012
ZX14R 2013
ZX14R 2014
ZX14R 2015


FJR1300 2006
FJR1300 2007
FJR1300 2008
FJR1300 2009
FJR1300 2010
FJR1300 2011
FJR1300 2012

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