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A-Sider original tank passenger handle for Kawasaki motorcycles

A-Sider original tank passenger handle for Kawasaki motorcycles

Intermediate bracket included when needed

BTR screws and tool included

This passenger handle is compatible with several Kawasaki motorcycle that share the same model of fuel cap. Check the compatibility tab for your motorcycle

The A-SIDER handle offers the passenger of a sports motorcycle a holding point that guarantees his safety and comfort thanks to the location to which it is anchored : the fuel tank cap.
During the initial development of the A-SIDER product line, we have studied the ergonomics of passenger handholds, refined edgeless finishes, guaranteed petrol and abrasion resistance for our paints, as well as compliance with the European regulations on handles, "Directive 93/32*1999/24/EC".

Product compatible with the following motorbikes




ER5 All years
ER6 All years
GTR1400 All years
Z1000 All years
Z750 All years
Z750R All years
Z750S All years
Z800 All years
ZRX1100 All years
ZRX1200 All years
ZX10R All years
ZX636R 2003
ZX636R 2004
ZX636R 2005
ZX636R 2006
ZX636R 2007
ZX636R 2008
ZX636R 2009
ZX636R 2010
ZX636R 2011
ZX636R 2012
ZX636R 2013
ZX636R 2014
ZX636R 2015
ZX636R 2016
ZX6R 2000
ZX6R 2001
ZX6R 2002
ZX6R 2003
ZX6R 2004
ZX6R 2005
ZX6R 2006
ZX6R 2007
ZX6R 2008
ZX6R 2009
ZX6R 2010
ZX6R 2011
ZX6R 2012
ZX6R 2013
ZX6R 2014
ZX6R 2015
ZX6R 2016
ZX6R 2017
ZZR1200 All years
ZZR1400 2016
ZZR1400 2017
Z1000SX 2017
Z1000SX 2018
Z1000SX 2019
ZX636R 2017
Z750N All years
ZZR1400 2018
ZZR1400 2019
GTR1400 2006
GTR1400 2007
GTR1400 2008
GTR1400 2009
GTR1400 2010
GTR1400 2011
GTR1400 2012
GTR1400 2013
GTR1400 2014
GTR1400 2015
GTR1400 2016
GTR1400 2017
GTR1400 2018
GTR1400 2019
ZX9R All years

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