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Chain lubricator COBRRA NEMO2

This lubrication device is a money-saver !
It is an original, modern device to lubricate your chain kit :

Time saving
Gaining money
Ecological spirit
This fast and easy to use process optimises the life of your chain kit.
Cost price of the oil per operation: approx. 4€ per 100,000 km.

Superb design, this product is made of aluminium, cut from the mass.
Emergency function in case of stop during the lubrication process, function to clean impurities on the chain and especially when driving on the road after the process.
On the NEMO 2 you have an oil level alert.
Lubrication with NEMO 2 is done without forgetting a link, during lubrication the oil is continuously under pressure.
The lubrication can be done with 80W90 transmission oil for road use, BIO oil for road use or a suitable oil.
For good lubrication, use the central stand or a workshop stand.
Oil distribution through a pressure hose supplied.

Universal product

Please check the product features to make sure that it fits well on your bike.
If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

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