I. Ordering

Any order placed on the site constitutes a total acceptance of the following terms and conditions of sale. The buyer cannot oppose any other clause unless S2 Concept formally accepted it. We reserve the right to refuse any order that doesn’t correspond to our references or which may not be delivered within the range of the buyer’s requested specifications.

II. Definition of byer's needs

It is the buyer’s responsibility to check that his order indeed corresponds to what he was searching for.
When buying goods or spare parts, the buyer is deemed competent to make choices, mount the parts and use the products in compliance with their intended use.

III. Sales price

Applicable tariff is either that indicated on our proforma invoice, or the price valid at the time your order is placed.
That price is definitive is as much as the delivery takes place within two months from the date the order was placed.
Should that two months delay be exceeded for reasons beyond our control, a new price will be communicated to the buyer who, if he fails to refuse that new price offer within 8 days, will be deemed having accepted the new price offer.
Invoiced total is increased by a standard amount corresponding to fixed administrative expenses; said amount will be communicated to the buyer upon request.

IV. Payment

Our invoices are payable upfront, unless a different agreement was reached. Orders are validated only once paid for, immediately through Paypal or with a Payment card. In the case of a money transfer the order is validated once the sum is confirmed by our bank as having reached our account. 

No complaint may be made concerning invoices dating back more than two months. Any invoice for which no request was made for the issue of a duplicate within one month following delivery will be deemed as having been received by the buyer.
Generally, failure to pay on time or failure to return a paper instrument within legal delays may suspend the execution of all pending deliveries and orders.

V. Delivery

The delivery of products is placed under the responsibility of the carrier. Hence any claim concerning products contained in a visibly damaged parcel has to be made in writing upon receiving said parcel. Should the customer accept the parcel unreservedly, he would then endorse full responsibility for any damage discovered upon opening the parcel.
The buyer makes a commitment to receive his goods at the location and dates indicated, in case of his/her absence, the delivery with all its legal consequences will be considered as having taken place at that date.
The delivery deadlines are given for informational purposes, their non-observance can trigger neither penalty for delay, nor cancellation of order, nor suspension of payment.
In case of force majeure, mobilization, war, strikes, lockout, epidemics, shortage of raw supplies, fire, floods, tooling failures, and any other cause resulting in total or partial work disruption or the disorganization of the factories to which our orders are placed, we will be released from the obligation to deliver the products concerned by these events.
In accordance with the legal mentions indicated on our delivery sheets, no complaint for non-compliance or visible defect of products will be admitted after a delay of forty eight hours, from the date and time of reception.
Transport companies have chosen to take weight-based-on-volume as a base for the calculation of shipping cost. When the cost calculated by them exceeds the cost calculated by the online store's interface and based purely on weight, S2 Concept reserves the right to cancel the concerned order, should the customer refuse to pay the difference.

VI. Warranty

Our warranty matches that of the manufacturers of the products we distribute. Defective products may, at our will be replaced, repaired, or refunded to their original value minored by a participation to potential damage repair.
Apparent defects dispute are rendered void by the unchallenged reception of the goods.

VII. Retention of rights

We reserve the right to retain ownership of sold goods until fully paid for, said full payment being accomplished only when the check or paper instrument actually is cashed.
The buyer declares full knowledge of articles 121 and 122 of French Law n°85-98 dated 25.01.1985.

VIII. Retractation and returns

Returns of ordered products may only been made after an agreement has been reached as to the reasons of the return, besides the means by which the products shall be returned is to be decided by S2 Concept only. Returns from outside of the European Union should include three copies of the original invoice in clear plastic envelope pasted to the outside of the parcel and said parcel should be clearly identified as containing returned goods in order to avoid custom taxes upon reaching France. If applied, such taxes will be deducted from the refund.

In compliance with article L212-21-8 of the French code of the code of consumption, painted parts, deemed to be made on demand, customized products, or goods produced on demand are excluded from the retraction protection provided by the law.

IX. Juridiction

Any dispute, recovery action, will be brought before the tribunal of commerce of Montpellier which is the only competent judicial authority, even in the event of a plurality of defenders or a warranty claim.