Do you want to change the paintwork on your motorbike and give it a new look? You can do it yourself and get excellent results, provided you have some knowledge and use the right products. To help you paint your motorbike, our shop offers you different types of products: paint, varnish, base, spray primer, etc. Whatever your objective (complete painting of your motorbike or simple touching up), our team will be able to advise you on the most suitable products, depending on the style you wish to give your bike and other criteria such as the colour code of the tint you plan to use.


Changing the paintwork on a motorbike

There are many reasons why you might want to change the paintwork on your motorbike: scratches from a fall or accident, a change of style, a simple paint job, etc. Whatever the reason, you can do the job without a professional, by using your DIY skills and following a few steps.

Steps to follow to change the paintwork on a motorbike

Whether your aim is to change the entire paintwork of your motorbike or to do a small touch-up on a specific part such as the fuel tank, there are a number of steps you need to follow to ensure quality results. The first step is to determine the colour code of your motorbike's existing colour or the colour of the new colour you wish to apply to your bodywork. The colour code will help you to avoid any mistakes when purchasing the paint. Next, you need to prepare your paint booth by :

Protecting the walls with plastic sheeting

Installing a fan to exhaust paint fumes

Installing extra lights to keep the paint room well lit

After this second phase, you can proceed with the removal of the elements you plan to repaint and the sanding of them with suitable sandpaper, to remove the old layer of paint. Once your motorbike's bodywork has been well sanded and wiped clean, there are 7 steps to follow for optimum results:

Apply a spray primer

Sand the primed surface with dry and wet 2000 grit sandpaper

Clean the surface with a cloth lightly soaked in thinner

Apply three coats of paint using a spray gun

Sand the elements with 2000 grit sandpaper

Apply the last coat of paint

Apply two coats of spray varnish

Quality products for an optimal result

The success of your motorbike painting depends on your knowledge of the subject, on the respect of the different steps we have mentioned above, as well as on the quality of the products used. To find the products best suited to your motorbike bodywork, consult our catalogue. Our shop offers you a wide range of products (spray paints, spray bases, spray primers, etc.) at affordable prices, from well-known manufacturers. Our team is also at your disposal, so that you can benefit from professional advice on the ideal base colour, the most suitable primer, the shade or shades to use, etc.

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