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Are you planning to enter a competition (track, motocross, enduro, etc.) or do regular training sessions? You need to prepare your motorbike efficiently by equipping it with racing parts, but also invest in quality protective equipment that will significantly reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall. Specialising in the sale of motorbike parts for competitions, our shop also offers accessories and equipment for riders: gloves, helmets, sliders, sportswear (t-shirts, jackets, etc.), etc. Whatever the risks to which you are exposed, our team of professionals will be able to advise you on the equipment best suited to your needs.

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The right equipment for optimum protection

In order to compete or train on the track, you need to optimise the performance of your motorbike and improve your protection and that of your mount. If you fall, you can suffer serious injuries if you don't have the right protective equipment.

Protective equipment and accessories that are essential

As a motorbike rider, you are exposed to a high risk of accident during competitions (motocross, enduro, track, speed, etc.) and training sessions. To avoid serious injury in the event of a fall, you must wear specific protective equipment and accessories, namely

A helmet

A suit




A helmet is a compulsory piece of protective equipment, both on the track and on the road. When choosing your helmet, it is best to opt for a full-face, approved model. Depending on the conditions in which you will be riding, you can opt for a product with or without a pinlock system to prevent the glass from fogging up. Like the helmet, the wetsuit is compulsory during competitions. It must be comfortable and offer all the necessary safety features such as back protection. Gloves and boots are usually made of leather and should protect your limbs effectively. Racing boots are generally stiffer than the more road-oriented products. Finally, sliders are protective devices that are mainly used for speed competitions. They allow you to slide on the asphalt, without suffering any serious injury.

Quality protective equipment and accessories

Are you looking for protective equipment that is perfectly suited to the competitions (motocross, enduro, track, speed, etc.) in which you plan to take part? Take a look at our catalogue. Motorbike rider sliders, sportswear... our shop provides you with products that meet the standards, at affordable prices. In addition to protective equipment, we offer various accessories that can be very useful during your sessions, such as isothermal water bottles for riders. All our products come from well-known brands such as IRT or Freegun. If you would like to receive professional advice to guide you in your choice, please contact our team.

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