SUZUKI GSR 750- Exan X-black Evo - exhaust

SUZUKI GSR 750- Exan X-black Evo - 1
SUZUKI GSR 750- Exan X-black Evo - 3
SUZUKI GSR 750- Exan X-black Evo - 1 >
SUZUKI GSR 750- Exan X-black Evo - 1
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Suzuki GSR 750 X-BLACK EVO Exhaust

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Suzuki GSR 750  X-BLACK EVO Exhaust - Stainless or Black Stainless finish

The X-Black product line, evolves to give life to a new kind of silencer: X-Black EVO!
This new silencer, is an evolution of the conical X-Black that is certainly the most successful product of Exan brand. To achieve this new stage of evolution, the company approaches technologies never embraced before, that is a clear sign of the continuous research for maximum performance.
A new line of silencers, with a new and attractive carbon cap, is entering into the Exan catalog. Silencers have conical shape, while the cap with its sharp lines and trapezoidal shape that gives the product a racing feeling that seems want to “scream” all its power . Extremely light, independently of the chosen finish, allows significant weight saving compared to the original exhaust, ensure an easy handling as well as giving an extraordinary power output at all engine speeds. They can be purchased either in approved edition with removable dB-killer and in racing edition only for track purpose. Conicals silencers are available in satin stainless steel, black satin stainless and titanium finishes.



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