Minerva Oil is a completely independent company that has been producing high-quality lubricants and technical products since 1934. The excellence of its products and its commitment to a production based in France make it an obvious partner for S2 Concept. 

Minerva also shares with us a strong commitment to competition. The requirements of mechanical competitions are a challenge that Minerva has met through a range dedicated to intensive and extreme uses. Alongside this desire to create products with constantly improved performance, Minerva is increasingly integrating respect for the environment into the development of its products.

S2 Concept has chosen to focus on top-of-the-range and competitive products and therefore offers you from today on these products which will naturally find their place in all paddocks but also with demanding motorcyclists. 

The Minerva range distributed today by S2 Concept includes

  • 10W40 engine oil, 1 litre or 5 litre packaging.
    Dedicated to competition and sports driving, this 100% synthetic oil is also suitable for urban routes and will protect your engine during cold starts.
  • 10W60 engine oil, 1 litre or 5 litre packaging.
    The ultimate Minerva motorcycle oil. Increased protection for the most demanding engines in extreme conditions. Beyond the engine, the gearbox is protected by a specially studied additive, in perfect compatibility with oil bath clutches.
  • Fourche R suspension oil available in several viscosities for forks, inverted or not, and motorcycle shock absorbers. 100% synthetic, this lubricant is compatible with mineral oils, respects common seals and is biodegradable.

The range of technical products: 

  • Multiclean cleaner
    All surfaces, water-repellent effect, shiny aspect after washing while respecting all materials.
  • Spray Lub Chain
    Grease spray for chains and transmission, long lasting protection, improved water resistance, biodegradable.
  • 4F degripper
    Specially formulated to solve all seizure problems.
  • Universal cleaner
    Designed for complete cleaning and degreasing of brake systems
  • Bioplex Grease
    Multi-purpose grease resistant to extreme pressures, water resistant, reinforced adhesion, anticorrosion.
  • Renovating spray
    Formulated to restore a shiny and clean appearance to all plastic surfaces, rubber, vinyl and leather.

Find the products on our online store: https://www.s2-concept.com/boutique/recherche?keyword=minerva&limitstart=0