The power of the leading category bikes were unleashed on the Bugatti! Starting from the third line, Jérémy GUARNONI (Kawasaki Tech Solutions) seizes the holeshot and nobody was able to deny him the victory. 

Our very own Kenny FORAY (BMW) tried to follow the pace imposed by the pilot of the Kawasaki n°111, the duet will rapidly kill the suspense within the first 5 laps. The two riders very quickly took the lead over the other competitors. GUARNONI, always the fastest, gradually widened the gap, and went straight to victory in front of the defending Champion who finishes the race more than 12 seconds behind.
At the end of the race LUSSIANA increased the pace and recorded his best time on lap 13 to get back on track at BERCHET, a duel began to win the podium. In the penultimate lap, LUSSIANA managed to steal third place from BERCHET, but the latter did not let himself be beaten and recovered his rightful place before crossing the line.
Yamaha rider Axel MAURIN redoubled his efforts at the end of the race and took 6th place ahead of the 2017 Vice-Champion David PERRET, who finished 7th.
In Superbike Challenger, Jonathan HUGOT (Yamaha), the quickest rider during the tests, could'nt resist Hugo CLERE's rise and goes down in the ranking. Gabriel PONS (Kawasaki), who made a very good race, finished 2nd giving him the 9th position at the scratch ahead of Louis ROSSI (Suzuki LMS), 
The modifications made between the two races were fruitful since Kenny Foray, who made an excellent start, kept the leaders in sight for a good ten laps, finally yielding only 3''8 to the one who now presents himself as his number one opponent in the title race. The two pilots led a hell train to the end (they were the only ones to descend below 1'37'' on lap).