Here are the results of the European Bike Race held at the Ledenon circuit during the Super Bikes of the weekend of May 28th and 29th, 2016.

3rd round on the Ledenon circuit. the objective of the pilot Benjamin Colliaux was to take the maximum point to fill the absence on the test of Magny course!

Saturday race

The week starts well with a second place in the qualifying practice on Saturday despite a fall in the 4th lap caused by a competitor who cuts the road, despite the relentlessness of the team to rebuild the bike Benjamin can not leave to try to make a best time !!! Qualification that takes place on the dry which will validate with the TEAM CMS the setting of the bike on this complicated and challenging course.

Result P1 in the race with 9 seconds in advance at the finish.

Sunday race

The race of the Sunday takes place on the dry !!! Benjamin will be perfect conditions to achieve the goal! . P1 qualifies with a time far from satisfactory for him but that will allow him to start in pole position for the race. Good start in the race he finds himself 1st, a small technical problem following the fall of Saturday will not allow him to push to take off like the race of Saturday. But only the final result counts: Victory for the second time in the weekend, goal fills and the pilot S2 Concept puts the colors of our company on the top step of the podium, Bravo to all the team for the job ultra fast to go up the bike in such a short time ...