La SV650 Tanto, une création S2 Concept qui rencontre un franc succès

A transfigured SV650X becomes the 80's Suzuki Katana Heiress, more compact, handy, lively, this limited series naturally bears the name Tantō, the weapon of choice of Samuraï for hand to hand combat.   La SV650X complètement transfigurée devient l'héritière de la Katana des années 80, plus compacte, maniable, vive, cette série limitée porte naturellement le nom de Tantō, l'arme de prédilection des samouraïs pour le combat au corps à corps.

The idea of creating a special series inspired by the famous Suzuki Katana of the 1980s has been at the back of S2 Concept's designers' minds for years. When Suzuki importers and dealers requested us to find a solution to boost sales of the Suzuki SV650X, the choice was obvious.
The result: this compact SV650 Tantō. We wanted it to be both faithful to its inspiration and fully integrated into the SV650.
We were hoping that our little SV650 Tantō, a tribute to Suzuki's Katana, would be successful at the Intermot show... and we weren't disappointed! After the smiles and double takes, the interest was obvious and the question of availability was on everyone's lips. All were impressed by the quality of fit and respect for the original colours, giving the bike the true look of a totally created model as it was presented. Requests for information from professionals and individuals around the world have not ceased during this intense week.
Since the presentation of this special edition, the articles have multiplied and we are very proud of what we read:

We are noback from the InterMot trade fair in Cologne. A week during which our special edition SV650 Tantō made a big impression and we can announce the availability of our transformation kit on the online shop! The bike presented on our stand will be exhibited at Suzuki dealerships in the region and at the Lyon Motor Show.
Given the success and the orders already in progress, we are already announcing slight delays... but there will be some for everyone!