Lights and electrical

The lighting system on your motorbike is an important element in ensuring your safety on the road. The front and rear lights on your bike allow you to signal your position and be more easily detected by other road users. It also allows you to see your route better at night. Flashing lights are essential to indicate to other road users the direction you are going and to allow them to act accordingly. If you want to refurbish or opt for a more trendy design, we invite you to consult our catalogue of products dedicated to lighting and electricity. Headlight lamps, indicators, connectors, switches... we have all the parts you need for your two-wheeler.

Lights and electrical

The lighting system: a part of your motorbike to maintain

On many occasions, you may have to ride your motorbike in poor visibility conditions (rain, night, fog, etc.). To reduce the risk of accidents, you need to ensure that your motorbike's lighting system is effective. This requires regular maintenance.

Maintenance of the lighting system

As a general rule, it is advisable to check that your lights (dipped beam, main beam, indicators, rear position light, brake light, etc.) are working properly every day before you set off. In addition to the daily checks, you should maintain your lighting system at regular intervals to keep each component in top condition and to identify any signs of wear. Maintenance includes cleaning the headlamp optics and checking that the controls are working properly. If you notice a drop in performance, it is best to replace them as soon as possible to ensure your safety during your journeys and to comply with current legislation. For your information, the law requires motorcyclists to have one or two low beam headlights and to install approved turn signals. Apart from the presence of dipped and indicator lights, the law requires the installation of bulbs, LED or not, that comply with the standards in force. For the main and dipped beam, the lamp used must not dazzle other road users. As regards the indicators, their intensity must not exceed 400 candelas and clearly defined distances must be respected (24 cm at the front and 18 cm at the rear).

Quality, standard-compliant parts for your lighting system refurbishment

If you want to replace defective parts in your lighting system or to optimise the efficiency of your lights, please consult our catalogue. We offer you different bulb models, approved indicators and various components such as

Headlight connectors

LED lamps


Electrical harnesses

Indicator holders

Headlight mounts

Number plate lighting systems, etc.

Our team can advise you on which parts are compatible with your motorbike and its brand: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, etc.

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