Road consumables

Regular maintenance of your engine and parts is essential to keep your motorbike in top condition during your journeys. When servicing your motorbike, you should look at a number of items such as the air filter, oil level, brakes or chain, in order to detect any signs of wear and tear and take appropriate action. If you need to replace defective parts on your bike, you can do so in our shop. We can provide you with every spare part and every consumable (engine oil, etc.) necessary for the proper functioning of your two-wheeler. Our team can guide you in the choice of products best suited to your bike.

Road consumables

Consumables: the essentials for maintaining your motorbike

Whatever your daily or weekly trips, regular maintenance is necessary to change defective parts and, if necessary, to change the oil in order to extend the life of your engine and keep every part of your bike in excellent condition.

Motorbike maintenance: what to look out for

When servicing your motorbike, you should check the quality of the engine oil and focus on items such as

Brake fluid level

Brake system (pads, hoses, etc.)


Air filter

Spark plugs


Oil filter, etc.

If the level of brake fluid is too low or if you notice signs of wear on your brake pads, you will find it difficult to reduce the speed of your motorbike when riding, which can significantly increase the risk of an accident. As for the chain, it ensures the transmission of the energy supplied by your engine and in the event of wear on this part, several problems can occur: jerking, slamming of the swingarm, derailment, etc. To maintain the chain on your motorbike, you can either clean it or simply replace it if the damage is too severe. As well as the chain and the brake system, the spark plugs, air filter and fork should not be neglected when maintaining your motorbike. In general, spark plugs should be replaced every 10,000 to 30,000 km, depending on the motorbike model. However, they can be replaced much earlier if they are dirty. A faulty spark plug could prevent your engine from starting or significantly reduce its power. It can also lead to excessive fuel consumption.

Quality consumables for your motorbike maintenance

Engine oil, brake components... our shop offers you different types of consumables at affordable prices, dedicated to the maintenance of your motorbike. Each product offered by our shop has been designed by recognised manufacturers and can effectively extend the life of your engine and the bike's chassis. Depending on your needs and the parts required for your motorcycle, you can opt for our packs, which can include chain lubricant bottles, bodywork cleaning products, de-sealing products, etc. To choose the right parts and consumables for your motorbike, don't hesitate to ask our team for advice.

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