Road brake

A faulty braking system is a great danger not only to you, but also to your motorbike. If your brakes are unable to reduce your speed effectively, you will have difficulty negotiating corners and avoiding obstacles. To avoid problems with this essential component of your bike's chassis, we recommend regular maintenance and replacement of any worn or defective parts. In our shop, you will find various parts intended for the braking system of your motorbike: caliper, caliper offset, lever, aviation hose, master cylinder, etc. Don't hesitate to contact our team if you have any difficulties in choosing the components you plan to install on your bike.

Road brake

The braking system: something not to be neglected

The braking system allows you to reduce the speed of your motorbike, to stop it or to keep it stationary. If your brakes fail, your braking distance can increase significantly, as can the risk of an accident.

Maintaining a motorbike's braking system

Brake system maintenance and checks should be carried out regularly to extend the life of components (caliper, caliper offset, lever, aviation hose, master cylinder, etc.) and to identify any defective parts. Brake maintenance can be carried out in a number of steps. Firstly, you should remove the calipers and pads. Then you should clean the calipers, pistons and pads of your motorbike with a suitable product. Make sure that all the dirt on these parts is effectively removed before drying. Once the pads and calipers are free of dirt, clean and dry the brake discs of your motorbike and reassemble your brake system. Throughout this process, it is essential to assess the condition of each part. If you notice any wear on a caliper, pad or other components, they should be replaced before you ride again to ensure the safety of you and your bike.

Quality parts for your bike's braking system

Do you want to refurbish or optimise the efficiency of your motorbike's braking system? We invite you to consult our shop catalogue. We provide motorcyclists with brake components suitable for both road and track bikes:


Caliper offset

Aviation hose

Brake pads

Master cylinder

Brake lever

We also offer various accessories such as

Lever protectors

Brake blocks

Stop switches

Brake bleeders, etc.

To choose the right parts for your motorbike (Aprilia, BMW, Buell, Cagiva, Ducati, Gilera, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Morini, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha), you can ask our team for advice. Depending on your motorbike (type, make, etc.), but also on your needs (refurbishment of the braking system, improvement of the braking system's efficiency, etc.), our specialists will suggest the products to be installed.

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