YAMAHA MT07 Petronas Decals set - Road Stickers and Decals sets

YAMAHA MT07 Petronas Decals set
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YAMAHA MT07 Petronas Decals set

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A good motorbike is not only a machine with impressive technical features. The aesthetic aspect plays a very important role. To give your motorbike more appeal, choose the Yamaha MT07 Petronas decoration kit offered by S2 Concept.

Decorate your motorbike with our Yamaha MT07 Petronas decoration kit

Thanks to our Yamaha MT07 Petronas decoration kit, you can give style to your motorbike. It will stand out with its elegance and will not cease to attract attention. With our Yamaha MT07 Petronas decal kit, you can also extend the life of your bike.

The stickers in the kit prevent dust and other dirt from getting on the bike itself. As a result, the bike stays clean. All you have to do is clean the stickers regularly and they are very easy to maintain. All parts of the kit are resistant to water, sun and other hazards.

What does the Yamaha MT07 Petronas kit contain?

With the kit provided by S2 Concept, you can decorate several elements of your motorbike, including the wheel, the front fender and the tank. Available at a fixed price of 420 euros TTC, this kit allows you to transform your motorbike into an aesthetic and stylish racing car.

It is compatible with Yamaha motorbikes, in particular the MT07 Petronas range. Contact us now to give your Yamaha motorbike some style.

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Marque : YAMAHA

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