Suzuki b-King specific License plate support - License Plate Supports

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Suzuki b-King specific License plate support - 1
Suzuki b-King specific License plate support
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Suzuki b-King specific License plate support - 1
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Suzuki b-King specific License plate support

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To comply with the law, all vehicles on the road must have a valid registration number. If you own a motorbike, your plate will need to be fixed using a suitable bracket. This may already be fitted by the manufacturer, but you may also choose to buy another one, as many motorcyclists do. This will be an opportunity to opt for a more resistant and more aesthetic model. At S2 Concept, we can provide you with the plate bracket that is compatible with your Suzuki B-King.

Why choose a S2 CONCEPT plate holder?

Indispensable to fix the number plates on your motorbike, the plate holder is a piece of equipment that you can't do without. On your motorbike, it allows you to highlight your license plate number and prevents the plate from moving while you are driving. By law, people who ride their motorbikes without a number plate or with a loose number plate can be fined.

The quality of the original plate holders is often not appreciated by motorcyclists who wish to have a more aesthetic and durable accessory. We are experts in the manufacture of motorbike accessories and offer a good quality plate bracket specifically designed for the Suzuki B-King.

The plate holder for the Suzuki B-King

As specialists in the manufacture of motorbike parts and accessories, we offer you high quality equipment in our shop. Our number plate bracket is made from black anodised aluminium using the latest technology to make a very robust device. In addition to being weather resistant, it adds a more aesthetic touch to your motorbike.

When buying such a device, you must choose the one that perfectly matches the size of your two-wheeler model. With S2 Concept, you will get a plate holder for Suzuki B-King that is compatible with any year. The accessory comes with an LED tail light, LED plate light, turn signals and a mounting kit.

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