Racing consumables

To keep your bike in top condition, regular maintenance is simply essential. Oil, brake fluid, brake pads, filter, chain... many consumables need to be replaced at a certain frequency to keep your engine performing at its best and to guarantee your safety during your training sessions or during the competitions in which you plan to participate. Whether you are looking for a spare part or a specific maintenance product for your motorbike, do not hesitate to contact our shop. We provide motorcyclists with racing consumables, designed to maintain and boost the performance of their bike.

Racing consumables

Racing consumables to maintain your motorbike

To maintain the performance of your motorbike and extend the life of its engine, you need to carry out regular maintenance. In addition to oil changes, you need to replace a number of consumables such as spark plugs and air filters to keep your bike in top condition.

What should I look out for during maintenance work?

When servicing your motorbike, there are a number of things that need to be looked after:

Engine oil

Oil filter


Brake fluid

Brake pads

Air filter

Spark plugs


If you omit any of these items when servicing your bike, you should be aware that your motorbike may wear abnormally and be less reliable during training sessions or competitions. An unflushed fork can have a negative impact on the handling of your bike. Worn brake fluid or brake pads can also prevent you from cornering properly and therefore significantly increase the risk of an accident. As for spark plugs, a failure in these parts significantly reduces the performance of your engine and can lead to a breakdown of your bike. Like the spark plugs, the air filter plays an important role in the performance of your bike. If this part is worn out, you will find it very difficult to use the full power of your engine efficiently. For your information, the fork of your motorbike should be changed every 10,000 km or 20,000 km. The engine oil should be changed every 6,000 km to avoid possible irreversible damage to the essential parts (piston, crankshaft, etc.).

Racing consumables for your motorbike

To keep your motorbike in excellent condition, but also to boost its performance and gain precious seconds during competitions, we advise you to turn to a kit of racing consumables. Our shop offers a wide range of spare parts and consumables dedicated to racing motorbikes:

Engine oil

Fork oil

De-sealant, etc.

To help you in your choice of parts and consumables, but also to limit your expenses, we offer you packs of products at affordable prices. The consumables sold in our shop are suitable for all types of engines, motorbikes and all brands: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, etc.

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