Racing brake

The braking system is one of the most important parts of your motorbike and should be given special attention, as it allows you to anticipate corners better and thus improve your riding. If your brake system fails, the risk of an accident is greater or lesser. In order to improve the performance of your brake system and the centre of gravity offset in the corners, we advise you to opt for racing brake components. In our shop, you will find all the parts you need to optimise the braking of your motorbike: caliper, braking system of your motorbike, pads, lever, aviation hose, master cylinder, etc.

Racing brake

Braking: an essential part of your motorbike

Your motorbike's braking system is made up of four main components: the lever or pedal, the cable or hose, the brake installed in the frame and a moving part, located at the wheel. A failure in any of these components can significantly impact on the effectiveness of your braking.

Braking: an element to be maintained

Braking well on a motorbike is a particularly delicate operation. In fact, to effectively reduce the speed of your bike and avoid loss of grip, which can be extremely dangerous, especially at high speed, you must exert optimum pressure on the brake, especially the front brake. If the pressure is too high, the front wheel will lock up and you will lose grip if you do not have ABS. If the pressure is too low, you will not be able to reduce the speed of your motorbike sufficiently and negotiate corners effectively. In order to be able to control the brakes of your motorbike correctly, you must firstly master the art of riding and secondly maintain your braking system regularly. If the brake system fails, you will have great difficulty in braking properly, which can have a significant impact on your riding. To keep your brake system in top condition, you should regularly check each component (caliper, lever, pads, master cylinder, etc.) and replace those that show signs of wear. Ideally, you should opt for racing parts to improve the braking efficiency of your bike and your performance.

Quality racing parts to optimise your motorbike's braking

Whether it is to maintain your motorbike's braking system or to improve its efficiency, our shop offers you quality racing parts at affordable prices:

Racing brake pads

Racing caliper

Racing caliper offset

Racing brake lever

Racing master cylinder

Whatever the type of motorbike or brand, you will easily find the most suitable parts by consulting our catalogue. If you have difficulties in choosing components that are compatible with the braking system of your motorbike, you can call on our team. Our specialists will guide you in your choice and will suggest the right parts (brake pads, master cylinder, etc.) for your bike.

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