Workshop & Paddock

Are you planning to enter a competition or training sessions on the track? You should know that a stand is often necessary for the maintenance, preparation and possible repair work of your motorbike. Also known as the paddock, this work area must contain all the tools and materials needed (transport equipment, loading equipment, etc.) for the various operations you plan to carry out on your bike. To equip your paddock with the necessary tools, we offer a wide range of affordable racing products dedicated to two-wheelers: stands, repair kits, lifting tables, etc.

Workshop and Paddock

Motorbike stand design

A motorbike stand, or paddock, must be well equipped so that your team can work efficiently on your bike. Your stand must be spacious enough to facilitate the maintenance, repair or preparation of your motorbike, and provide the necessary tools for the work.

The tools and equipment essential for a motorbike stand

As we mentioned earlier, a motorbike stand must have all the tools needed to work on your bike. For the repair, preparation and maintenance of your motorbike, you must first invest in different types of spanners: flat spanners, pipe spanners, torque spanners, Allen spanners, etc. Once the spanners are in place, it is necessary to equip your box with sets of pliers (multi-purpose pliers, universal pliers, etc.) and loading, transport and lifting equipment such as a stand stand or a hydraulic motorbike lift. The stand is an indispensable tool for facilitating maintenance work such as greasing the chain, changing the oil or changing the rear wheel. Depending on the options available, you can opt for a stand with a V-shaped support or a classic product such as a stand with a skid. For the maintenance of the important parts of your motorbike, especially the chain, tools such as a chain brush, a chain alignment laser box or a bank and drift kit should be available to your team. Tools dedicated to tyres such as puncture kits or pressure gauges should also be present in your paddock. Other essential tools in your paddock include screwdrivers and multimeters. These can be very useful in the event of an electrical fault. They allow you to quickly identify the positive pole and the ground on an electrical circuit.

Racing tools available in our shop

In addition to racing parts for competition frames, our shop offers you the possibility of equipping your stand with the tools necessary for the preparation, maintenance and repair work on your motorbike. Our catalogue includes various tools and materials such as

Stand stands

Starting boosters

Loading and securing equipment

Chain lubricators


Refuelling equipment

Lifting tables with pneumatic drive

Repair kits, etc.

Our tools and paddock equipment are suitable for all types of motorbikes and all brands: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, etc. Each product offered by our shop has been designed for racing and should satisfy all your requirements in terms of quality and price. To choose your tools, do not hesitate to call on the advice of our team of professionals. They will be able to guide you towards the products best suited to your motorbike.

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