Racing Complete fairing Sets

Want to optimise your motorbike and give it a sportier look? Then you've come to the right place! Our shop offers you a wide range of racing fairing components perfectly adapted to the track (polyester fairings, etc.) and compatible with motorbikes designed by major brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, Ducati or Suzuki. The components offered by our shop range from fork heads to rear shells, swingarm protectors, special mudguards and fairing sides. Whatever the look of your bike or its aerodynamic needs, we can meet all your expectations!

Complete racing fairing sets

Racing fairing: an essential part of preparing your bike for the track

Whatever the brand (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Suzuki, Aprilia, etc.) or the type of motorbike you ride, you should know that its original fairing is often made of ABS. Although this material is particularly resistant, it is often too heavy and therefore not suitable for the track. If you want to turn your bike into a real racing bike, you should choose a racing fairing.

A polyester racing fairing for track sessions

Commonly known as a poly fairing, a racing fairing is usually made of fibreglass (polyester) or carbon fibre. Unlike ABS, poly is extremely light and is therefore highly recommended for your motorbike's fairing, especially if you plan to test your riding skills regularly on the track or if you want to participate in a competition. In addition to the low weight, poly (or ployester) is easier to repair than ABS. In case of an accident during your track sessions, it is therefore possible to quickly repair the damage to your racing fairing and avoid buying new components. Other advantages of a poly fairing kit are its relatively low price. In general, poly fairings are much cheaper than the original ABS fairings sold by the manufacturers.

A racing fairing for improved aerodynamics

Apart from the advantages of polyester, a racing fairing offers better aerodynamics for your bike. Indeed, their shapes have been studied to limit air resistance and to create an overpressure and underpressure at the front and rear of your bike. Thanks to the optimised aerodynamics, your motorbike will benefit from better acceleration and reach cruising speed faster, whether it's during a classic race or a competition. If you are looking for a racing fairing kit, do not hesitate to consult our catalogue and contact us. We offer you different components such as

Top fairings

Expansion tank housings


Fairing sides


Saddle covers

Mudguards, etc.

The products offered by our shop are intended for motorbikes of major brands such as :







Aprilia, etc.

To find the best fairing components for your bike, you can ask our team of professionals for advice. Whatever your motorbike (Honda CBR, Kawasaki Ninja, Yamaha ZR, etc.), we will be able to offer you the products that perfectly meet your expectations.

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