Engine & Suspension

To turn your motorbike into a true racing machine, you need to optimise your engine and install track-tuned suspension, among other things. Optimising the engine will increase the power of your bike, while installing racing suspensions will improve the handling of your bike. For the preparation of your bike, our shop offers you racing parts, specially designed to boost the performance of your engine, as well as suspensions perfectly adapted to the track. Whatever your power needs, the products in our shop and our team of specialists will meet your expectations.

Engine & Suspension

Engine and suspension optimisation

Optimising the engine and the front and rear suspension are among the most important tasks to be carried out to improve the power of your bike. To improve your acceleration and top speed, your engine needs to be properly tuned and fitted with parts designed for racing. As with the engine, it's essential to get your front and rear shock set up correctly, and to choose products designed for racing bikes to significantly improve the handling of your bike.

Engine and suspension: optimisation

Optimising your motorbike's engine inevitably involves replacing certain components. To gain power, it is first of all advisable to increase the air flow by installing a racing air filter. Once the filter is in place, you need to adjust the air screw on your carburettor to avoid over-fueling, while improving the performance of your bike. After replacing the air filter, you need to modify your bike's ignition system by changing the igniter, wires and spark plugs, among other things. To finish preparing your engine for racing, replace the exhaust and carburettor of your motorbike. A racing exhaust system is highly recommended to improve gas evacuation and boost the performance of your bike. As well as the exhaust and air filter, we recommend that you opt for a dedicated racing front and rear suspension for excellent handling during your sessions. Depending on the track you plan to race on, it is advisable to adjust the preload of your shock, but also the rebound and compression. Compression is an important element to consider if you want your suspension to be able to absorb shocks effectively when riding over bumps. On a racing shock, a valve allows you to adjust the compression. You can set the amount of oil that comes in when the shock is compressed by turning the adjusting screw.

Racing engine parts and suspensions

To boost the performance of your motorbike, our shop offers a catalogue of racing products:

Engine components

Front and rear racing suspensions, etc.

If you need advice on how to choose the right parts for your engine and the best suspension for your next session, our team is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to consult our catalogue of racing products and offer yourself professional advice by calling on our specialists.

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