KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets - Racing Frame / Chassis accessories

KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets
KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets
KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets
KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets >
KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets
KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets
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KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets

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KAWASAKI NINJA 400 S2 GP rear sets

Fitted only with aviation hose and no abs

CNC Aluminium 2017 and 7075


Adjustable 4 positions

Bearing mounted 

Spare parts available in case of a fall

Regular or reversed mounting

footrest with breakaway

Folding pedal tip

The importance of installing remote controls

Reverse controls are devices that improve riding comfort for a more enjoyable driving experience. It is an accessory that consists of mounting brackets, a gear selector, a rear brake pedal, fixed together on a single bracket. This will be installed on the motorbike frame to provide the rider with a stable and reliable base.

With the Kawasaki Ninja 400 remote controls, riders can make the necessary adjustments to best customise their position on the bike. By equipping your vehicle, you can avoid problems such as leg stretching, back strain and hand overuse.

Choose the S2 Concept Kawasaki Ninja 400 remote controls

With the installation of the rear controls, two-wheeler riders can enjoy a stable and balanced seating position. By improving the positioning of your feet and legs on the road, you will feel more comfortable and fit to ride.

As experts in the design of two-wheeler parts and equipment, our Kawasaki Ninja 400 back controls are of the highest quality. Cut from the ground and black anodised, the controls are suitable for 2018, 2019 and 2020 models. The controls are also adjustable and suitable for standard or reverse mounting. In case of breakage, spare parts can be obtained from S2 Concept.

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