Handlebar axial 55MM BMA S1000RR - Racing Frame / Chassis accessories

Handlebar axial 50mm YAMAHA R7
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Handlebar axial 55mm BMW S1000RR

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Axial 55mm BMW S1000RR handlebar 2019/23

S2 Concept offers you its 55mm BMW S1000RR axial handlebar, manufactured to the highest quality standards.

The 55mm BMW S1000RR axial handlebar, a powerful and elegant accessory.

The handlebars are available in our catalogue of accessories for speed bikers. It is made of lightweight aluminium for minimum weight. Its primary function is to improve the performance of your motorbike. Our handlebars are designed with a sporty and delicately aggressive design that gives a stylish look to the bike. An accessory for a better grip, the 50mm axial wristband handlebar proposed by S2 Concept offers you a more comfortable and safer grip on your two-wheeler.

It is a very practical accessory to better control your bike in the most demanding situations. You can also adjust the height to suit your riding posture. The 55mm BMW S1000RR motorbike handlebars are easy to install. Designed with a quick and efficient fastening system, the 55mm BMW S1000RR Axial Wristband Handlebar is easy to install. You don't need to make any special modifications to your bike to use it. Simply replace your original handlebars with our 55mm BMW S1000RR axial handlebars.

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