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Racing equipment to turn your bike into a race bike

Before you embark on track training sessions or competitions such as Superbike, it is essential to prepare your bike. To do this, you need to look at both the performance and the aesthetics of your bike.

Racing equipment to change the look of your bike

While optimising your bike's looks is not the same as optimising its performance, it does help to reinforce your identity and style in the competitions you plan to enter. To help you personalise and give a more racing look to your motorbike, our shop offers you accessories and different parts of racing deco:

Racing fairing (upper fairing, fairing side, seat cover, etc.)

Stickers and racing deco kits

Part-cycle accessories (lever protection, etc.)

Crankcase protection kit, etc.

It is important to note that changing the fairing elements allows you to improve the aesthetics of your motorbike and optimise its aerodynamics. In other words, it can slightly increase the overall performance of your racing bike. Protective kits have an aesthetic role to play and reduce the damage to your bike in the event of a crash. In addition to the protective devices for the different parts of your bike, our shop catalogue includes various equipment designed to protect you during circuit training and competitions: gloves, boots, sliders, etc. Each piece of protective equipment offered by our shop complies with current safety standards.

Racing equipment to improve the performance of your motorbike

To turn your bike into a real race bike, you need to take a serious look at optimising its performance. In addition to the parts mainly intended for the engine (pistons, spark plugs, etc.), our shop offers you various elements that will enable you to boost the performance of your motorbike:

Racing exhaust

Braking accessories (brake hoses, caliper offsets, master cylinders, etc.)

We also offer you racing consumables for the maintenance of your racing motorbike, such as engine oils dedicated to racing, oil filters or degreasers.

Workshop equipment for the repair and preparation of your motorbike

Whether it's during your training sessions or during competitions, you'll need to make repairs and adjustments to the various components of your bike. To facilitate the interventions on your racing bike, our shop provides you with various workshop equipment:


Loading and securing equipment

Repair kits

Refuelling equipment

Recovery jars, etc.

To find out more about our racing parts, we invite you to consult our catalogue. You can also contact our team for advice on the most suitable equipment for your motorbike.

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